Deployment and hosting


You can host this website anywhere static websites are supported. Some options are as the deployments are just dead simple.

Simply connect your Git repo and set the Build settings settings like below:

squido logo

Github pages

Publishing to Github pages is easy. Simply set your config buildDir to docs and the correct baseUrl. Eg:

production: {
    name: 'squido',
    description: 'This is the blog description',
    twitterHandle: '@mrvautin',
    baseUrl: 'https://<github-username>',
    sourcesExt: 'markdown',
    sourceDir: 'source',
    buildDir: 'docs',
    summaryLength: 250,
    port: 4965,
    pagination: true,
    postPerPage: 8

Then simply build your website with squido build -c and push to your Github repo.

You then need to set Source to /docs as shown here and may need to change the branch.

You can then either access at your Repo URL (https://<github-username> or a custom domain

Amazon AWS Amplify

It's very easy to publish your squido website to AWS Amplify.

  1. Login here
  2. Select New App
  3. Select Host web app
  4. Select the Git repository and authenticate. Eg: Github
  5. Select the Repository name and branch from the populated list(s)
  6. Click Edit on the build commands and ensure baseDirectory is set to /build. Eg Yaml file will look like:
version: 1
        - npm ci
        - npm run build
    baseDirectory: /build
      - '**/*'
      - node_modules/**/*
  1. Click Save and deploy and wait for your website to be built!